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Construction Superintendent Turned Digital Entrepreneur

Hello Friend,

My name is Jeremy Wilson (my friends just call me "WILSON" like the volleyball in that Tom Hanks movie, "Cast Away") and I have been traveling all over the United States for many years now in commercial construction management... but I was absolutely miserable!

While being in upper management as a Construction Superintendent compensated me very well and allowed me to travel to new and interesting places, it was completely draining the life out of me and putting a super heavy strain on my relationships, my health, my happiness, and my overall wellbeing.

Therefore, I knew that I had to make a major change in order to improve my physical, personal, and professional status, so, even though I didn't want to give up my huge salary, I did the unthinkable...

...I resigned!

Resigning from that time-consuming and unfulfilling career was one of the happiest days of my entire life because I determined to "take back control of my life" and build a digital ubsiness of my own that is designed around my passion so that I could live a purpose-driven life all while teaching others how to do the same.

Now I work for myself full-time on the go and still get to travel all over the country, but now I get to go where I want to go and when I want to go, not just where somebody else decides to send me!

You see... I made a break-through discovery about my purpose in life through the help of an amazing coaching program and business-education platform. It opened up my eyes to a whole new world of limitless possibilities, and now, a massive part of my new-found purpose is to help others do the exact same thing.

I sincerely believe that everyone should have the liberty to choose the life they deserve without fear or restrictions.

"My Mission now is to help people design their dream life by unlocking their full potential and inner liberties."

Thank you very much for taking time to learn about me today.

You're awesome and I appreciate you very much! :-)

All The Best,


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